Parking permits possible solution to crowding at Black Ridge Reservoir

Posted at 9:45 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 23:45:59-04

HERRIMAN, Utah -- Herriman city officials sought residents’ opinion about a parking permit program to resolve the overcrowding during the summer at Black Ridge Reservoir.

“In the summer time it’s pretty busy and chaotic -- understandably so since it's a nice park and a nice beach and all that -- I would come here too,” said Craig Martucci, whose home is across the street from the small reservoir.

The popular watering hole draws hundreds of people each summer. With the crowds comes streets lined with cars.

“It would be very frustrating for anybody,” said Tami Moody, Public Information Officer for Herriman City.

Residents expressed concerns about littering, cars packing the curbs and creating traffic problems.

“I knew when I moved here it would busy,” Martucci said.

But others didn't expect it and are putting their homes up for sale because the crowds make it hard for them to come and go from their homes.

“We did not understand the level of popularity it would have so now we're trying to create solutions for our residents,” Moody said.

The city turned to residents on how to address parking problems at Blackridge Reservoir.

The city sent out nearly 200 questionnaires asking residents if they would be in support of paying $25 for a permit to park on the street and if they would be in favor for a fee to park in the reservoir lot.

“If we charge that lets people know we value our reservoir and we want visitors to value as well and it will be treated with more respect,” Moody said.

This proposal was sent to seven different areas surrounding the reservoir. It needs 51 percent approval to pass.

“I think the parking permit is a good step. Whatever controls is best for the safety of the neighbors and the people, I think is the key,” Martucci said.

If the proposal passes and you park on the street without a permit, that comes with a $25-$50 ticket. The cost to park here in the reservoir lot would range from $7 to $10.

The questionnaires are due Tuesday. But some have concerns if it does pass that will just push people even further down the road and still create problems.