Basketball and vasectomies a winning combo for Utahns during March Madness

Posted at 8:10 PM, Mar 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 22:10:23-04

SOUTH JORDAN - It's a new trend that's giving guys the perfect excuse to 'cut out' of work early to watch the NCAA Tournament.

"My wife thinks it's a good idea," said Marcus Perry.

Perry's wife encouraged him to get a vasectomy after she saw a billboard advertisement for the surgery on a University of Utah Health Care board.

"I had thought about it before, and when I saw that, I figured I'd go for it," Perry said.

Perry is scheduled for the surgery Friday morning, and doctors say it will take a couple of days to recover.

"I have my day all planned out on Friday," He confirmed. "My wife will drive me home, and I get to sit in my man cave with my big screen and mini fridge with my entrees of ribs and wings."

Doctors from U of U Health Care say a lot of men are taking advantage of the recent promotion, saying that 53 men opted to have vasectomies last March, compared to only 55 for the other eleven months of the year combined.

"It's just such a quick and simple procedure," Dr. Jim Hotalaing said.

He says while some men are coming in, others avoid the procedure.

"I think guys just don't like to see a doctor in general: Especially the doctor who is going to cut out those kinds of parts," he said.