Trump’s comments on Romney’s faith prompt criticism from other Republicans

Posted at 3:42 PM, Mar 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-20 09:29:42-04

PROVO, Utah -- Donald Trump Jr. defended his father's comments about Mitt Romney's faith from Friday night.

"The people we know that are Mormons don't say one thing here, and say another here," Trump Jr. said.

His father, Donald Trump called into question Mitt Romney's faith, asking a crowd at his Salt Lake rally, "Are you sure he's a Mormon?"

Trump Jr. admitted that the comment was more tongue-in-cheek than a matter-of-fact statement, but that didn't stop politicians from sounding-off Saturday morning in response.

"I need to say this, OK," said Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox. "...and last night Donald Trump did something and said something that I never thought I'd see a candidate for president do and say, especially someone in the Republican Party."

The Lt. Gov. spoke at a rally for Senator Ted Cruz in Provo Saturday, and after touting Cruz he took a moment to address a message to Donald Trump regarding the Republican frontrunner's comments on Mitt Romney's religion.

"Think about that for a second," Cox told the crowd. "A person running for office, in our party, thinks it's OK that if you question his politics, he can question your religion. I have a message for the 3 million people in Utah for Mr. Donald Trump: That's not how we roll in Utah, and that's not how we roll in the United States of America."

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz also jumped in to comment on Trump's remarks.

“It was sad yesterday to see Donald Trump stand up and call into question Mitt Romney’s faith," Cruz said while leaving a rally at the American Preparatory Academy. "That has no place in politics. It’s wrong. It is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another, and that is an attack that doesn’t belong in Utah and doesn’t belong in politics."