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Fun Easter experiments you can do at home with eggs

Posted at 1:14 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 15:14:18-04

Skye Orchard, a STEM educator from Discovery Gateway brought along kid scientist Annabel Dance to show off some Easter experiments. All the experiments can be done at home with common household items. The items are listed below, watch the video to learn how they work!

Egg in a bottle
o Use a hard boiled egg- peeled, one jar with mouth slightly smaller than the egg, and a piece of paper along with a lighter. Light the paper on fire put it in the bottom of the jar and watch as the egg slips right in.
Egg Shell Engineering
• Eggs seem fragile, however, the ends of the egg shell are quite strong. Use some pre-prepped eggshells. Put a sheet of metal on top of them and then see how many books you can balance on the eggshells.

Electrifying Eggs
• For a fun and quick experiment we can use static electricity. You will need 2 balloons and 2 tissue paper `eggs` for the electricity to work!

Discovery Gateway offers several weekly science workshops where families with children of all ages can explore evidence, conduct experiments and draw conclusions with different scientific themes. For more information go here.