GOP online caucus voting causes issues, residents say

Posted at 8:03 PM, Mar 22, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY - For the first time in Utah, registered Republicans looking to Caucus Tuesday were suppose to be able to do it online.  However, within minutes of the website launch at 7 a.m. voters began complaining of issues.

"I spent 20 or 30 minutes," said Scott Michaels.  He tried logging in early in the morning. "I had problems and I'm pretty tech savvy."

In fact, Michaels was never able to log in.  Others on social media voiced their problems as well, and FOX 13 received a handful of emails from frustrated viewers who couldn't log in, or get a representative on the phone to help.

"I tried calling and it hangs up," Michaels said.  He tried calling both the contact number on the GOP website, and the number for Smartmatic, the electronic voting company helping to run the online operation.

"My friend tried calling too and couldn't get through," Micahels added.

A representative for the GOP said that the majority of the calls that did get through were from voters who did not register during the pre-registration period which ended last Thursday, March 17.  The party said that if you registered in time, you should have received a confirmation email.

"I made sure I registered two weeks ago," Michaels said.  He never got the confirmation email, but another FOX 13 viewer did.  Still, they say they weren't able to log in.

The Republican Party says the party chairman James Evans was helping to answer calls Tuesday night in an effort to get everyone through to the voting process.   Additionally, the party said that if you are trying to call Smartmatic help line, stay on the phone until a representative picks up: even if you don't hear anything for a couple minutes.
Smartmatic's number is 561-862-0749