Late spring storm brings feet of snow to Utah mountains

Posted at 9:54 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 23:54:19-04

BRIGHTON SKI RESORT, Utah -- Powder hounds in Utah enjoyed a late season surge in snowfall at Brighton Ski Resort, Monday.

"This is definitely the best powder day I've ever had," said Shantilly Brooks after a day of skiing at Brighton.

Snow in March can be good for Utah tourism for years to come. SkiUtah officials say many international tourists visit Utah in late March and nothing sells future vacations like giving skiers a big powder day to enjoy.

"It's just a moment when you're just, it feels like you're flying almost," said Breanne Montgomery, who came to Brighton for night skiing.

This winter has been a good one, but even with powder days stretching into March, the snowfall has yet to reach average amounts.

Monitors at Alta Ski Resort are often used as a benchmark. In an average season, Alta will see 500 inches of snow. As of Monday, the total is up to 367 for this winter.

Reaching average is still possible, but it's not a sure thing.

Utah has not seen an average snowfall year for a while.  The totals for the last few winters are below:

2014-15: 323 inches

2013-14: 432 inches

2012-13: 449 inches

2011-12: 390 inches

2010-11: 723 inches

Snow into March and April is nothing new, but after several below average seasons, it's a welcome sight for powder hungry skiers and boarders.

"We'll definitely be back tomorrow," said skier Chris Woods.