Some in South Jordan worry proposed road changes will be bad for business

Posted at 9:25 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 23:25:31-04

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah -- Construction changes coming to a major east and west corridor in South Jordan have some business owners concerned.

"If money stops coming in the front door because of a road, we can't survive," said Brett Borg, Part Owner at Schmidt's Pastry Cottage.

They're worried a simple change in the way traffic moves could make the difference between them staying open or shutting their doors forever.

“We're a retail business, and the first thing we think is, 'How is this going to impact our retail business?'” Borg said.

From cakes to cookies to croissants, pastries are what the Borg family does best.

“We got a lot of labor to bake all these items,” Borg said.

In business for 40 years, the family run operation knows the importance of location, location, location. 106th South near 13th West has been the perfect spot for them, but that could change.

“We've been in business long enough and found out if it makes it hard for customers to get into your store, and it's a big inconvenience, they will choose something easier,” Borg said.

That's just what the mom and pop shop believes construction plans will do if this road is turned into six lanes, taking out the left turn lane into their business and creating a barricade for customers.

“What if we get eliminated because of a road?” Borg asked.

These are all concerns they've expressed to the Utah Department of Transportation.

“I feel like its falling on deaf ears,” Borg said.

UDOT personnel said the plans are in the beginning stages and public comment will be taken for several weeks

“We're really just starting this process right now, as far as specifics, we're working with business owners and concerns,” said John Gleason, a spokesman for UDOT.

With major work coming to Bangerter Highway in the coming years and the population growth continuing to rise, it's likely changes like this will happen in other areas.

“It's important to stay on top of that, we need to find solutions for that east-west corridor, address growth in this area, and find solutions that work,” Gleason said.

UDOT is also accepting public comment online, click here for details.