Expansion of motocross track in Summit County town stirs controversy

Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 00:01:41-04

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah -- Michael Legge moved to Hoytsville 15 years ago with his wife to retire and raise their horses.

"We want a community where everything is compatible use," Legge said.

Knowing the area was zoned for agriculture, he was surprised when his neighbors across the way starting building a motocross track.

"Obviously a motocross track and that type of activity is not agriculture," Legge said.

So when his neighbor came by with a petition, asking the county to step in, he signed. With about 80 signatures, the petition has influenced the county to order property owner Steve Luczak to stop building the upper portion of his track.

"We’ve done everything by the letter of the law," Luczak said.

Luckzak said the county already signed off on permits for everything he's doing.

"They’re telling us what we can do with our own private property even though this has been permitted for this use and they’re reinterpreting what they did a year and a half ago," Luczak said.

As far as agriculture goes, Luczak said, he's enhancing the landscape on his property.

"We’re adding more pasture space, we’re adding ponds for the wildlife as well as our animals, which will be up here eventually," Luczak said.

His neighbors have a different interpretation.

"Were looking to the county to simply enforce zoning laws. It's very simple," Legge said.

Luczak isn't giving up his passion without a fight.

"We’ll be riding our motorcycles tomorrow up here. We’ll use our land as we see fit," Luczak said.

Right now, Luczak is free to use his motocross track, which has already been built. It's the expansion on the upper part of his property that is being questioned.

It lies in the hands of the Summit County council. Luckzak said he'll be showing up at future meeting with an army of supporters, but it's likely his neighbors will show up as well.