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How parents can help teens prep for college

Posted at 1:16 PM, Apr 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 15:16:44-04

Amanda Grow has helped thousands of high school students improve their ACT scores and choose which college is right for them. She says a big part of the equation is how parents contribute. Here are a few of her tips:

-Show Confidence in their decisions

College and career choices made during the final years of high school are decisions that are uniquely your child's.  For this next stage of their life to be successful, you must let them make these decision themselves.  Consult, advise, provide opportunities for exploration, but make sure the final decision is theirs.

-Explore majors first, colleges second

Put the emphasis on finding out what they want to do with their life before worrying about deciding on the right university.  After you know more about their study and career interests, you can find out which Universities will best help them achieve their goals.

-Set aside some weekends

Finding a University that will be a great fit requires actual time on campus.  Take trips, schedule campus tours, and try to help your child feel it out.  Have them ask themselves if they can picture themselves in these places. Better yet, find time during the week to let them sit in on a class and see what college life is like on a normal weekday.

-Find the best college lifestyle fit for your child's personality

How social is your child?  How academically driven?  Will your child live at home?  On campus?  Off campus?  College is so much more than earning the degree.  Be sure that the college lifestyle provided at a university you are exploring fits your child's needs and personality.

She is holding an event for both parents and teens called College Con 2016. It's happening April 16th at Davis High School. You can get more information here.