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At just 17, the creator of Hannah Hairstyles has thousands of followers around the world

Posted at 1:10 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 16:22:12-04

Hannah from Hannah Hairstyles started learning how to braid when she was 14 after wanting to know how to create a dutch braid. She then fell in love with creating fun hairstyles for herself, sisters, and friends.  At just 17 years old Hannah has a website, her own YouTube channel and an Instagram account with more than 20,000 followers. She does hairstyles for special occasions such as prom, weddings, dance competitions and school dances. She also spends her time teaching hair classes to little girls to show them how easy it is to do their own hair.

Check out more of Hannah's cute hairstyles at is or follow her on her Instagram page, @hannah_hairstyles.