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Prompted journals makes keeping a record of your family easier

Posted at 1:20 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 16:17:31-04

Founder of Promptly Journals, Jayne Swallow, shared the benefits of journaling. Promptly Journals is a prompted journal for mothers to write journal entries about their children's life. The journal's purpose is to help you answer questions and remember memories that are often forgotten.

Benefits of Journaling:

  1. Having a prompted journal helps me make the most of the journaling time.
  2.  For a mom, it makes you appreciate your kids more. Everyone thinks they`ll remember cute details about their children but they usually fade with time if you do not write them down.
  3. For the kids, it`s a benefit for when they`re older and become mom`s themselves. They can look back at their history and see how their kids are similar or different.
  4. Journaling can therapeutic.
  5.  The prompts in the journals help make the process less intimidating and are designed to spark the most meaningful memories.

To get your own prompted journal, click here.

Promptly Journals also has a fun pop-up shop coming up for Mother`s Day on May 7th. Details will be posted on Instagram (@Promptlyjournals) in the next few weeks.