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Common questions about women’s health answered by a Timpanogos Women’s Center OBGYN

Posted at 1:36 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 15:42:44-04

Dr. Emma Miller, an OBGYN at the Timpanogos Women's Center, shared some answers to common questions she receives about women's health care. Timpanogos Women's Center provides services to women starting from adolescents all the way through menopause.  Dr. Miller suggests that girls make their first visit to an OBGYN at a young age so that they can become comfortable with the process.

Q: When someone finds out that they are pregnant, when should they plan to see a doctor?

A: It is good to see an OBGYN at six to eight weeks into the pregnancy. By coming in during that time frame the doctor will be able to estimate the due date along with an ultrasound of the baby. It's a very personal experience so it's important to make sure you are comfortable with your provider.

Q: When and how should women schedule an appointment?

A: Timpanogos Women's Center is great because patients can schedule an appointment online or by calling in and be seen within a day or two.

Q: How should women set up an appointment for a free pregnancy test?

A: Call or visit the Timpanogos Women's Center website for more information about a free pregnancy test. New patients to the office also receive a free swag bag.

For more information about Timpanogos Women's Center, click hereor call 801-653-2757