Suspects sought after pair of smash-and-grab burglaries caught on camera

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 20:22:53-04

LAYTON, Utah -- It was not the kind of wake-up call Thomas and Kim Cormier expected early Monday morning.

“I came here. I was in my pajamas, and when I looked at the front door I said, 'Oh no, they got me,'" Thomas Cormier recalled.

The brazen burglary at Frequency RC Hobby in Layton was all caught on camera. Two guys in hoodies and surgical masks threw a boulder through the front door then grabbed whatever they could get their hands on.

“They did this all within two minutes,” Kim Cormier said.

The suspects stole $4,800 worth of remote-controlled trucks, airplanes, and helicopters.

“This is a family-owned business, and we work very hard, and we're a part of the community, and you just feel very violated,” Kim Cormier said.

When the Cormiers posted the surveillance video on Facebook, they got a comment from another victim. WBY Outfitters in Roy was burglarized in February.

“It was the same MO," Thomas Cormier said. "Rock come through the door. Two guys in grey hoodies. Surgical masks on. One had a limp. It was the same guys."

Both store owners say they saw the suspects hop into the same white pick-up truck.

Lt. Travis Lyman with the Layton Police Department says they’re hoping the community will keep a look out.

“Really the most likely way something like this would be solved is two ways: Somebody knows or hears someone talking about what happened, or the stuff shows up on the secondary market,” he said.

Police say they’ve gotten some tips that haven’t panned out, but they encourage everyone to keep their eyes open and give them a call if they see anything suspicious.