Utah County residents say aggressive solicitors tried to enter their homes

Posted at 9:16 PM, Apr 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 23:36:01-04

LEHI, Utah — Police in Utah County are on the lookout for at least three solicitors who, according to multiple reports, have been trying to force their way into residents' homes.

Neighbors said the suspects went as far as trying to open their front door when they didn’t answer.

“It’s just scary,” said Lehi resident Julie Burr.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Julie Burr heard a pounding on her door. A man was on her front porch.

“He seemed like he was maybe on drugs or something,” Burr said.

The man claimed to be selling cleaning products, ignoring Burr's "No Soliciting " sign.  Burr said the man was aggressively trying to get into her home.

“If my kids would have answered the door, I’m sure he would have come in without a doubt,” Burr said.

Time and time again, Burr told the man she wasn't interested.

“He was really creepy. His eyes would roll back into his head and he was dressed so bad I would have thought he was homeless,” Burr said.

When he left her porch the man and the two women he was with ended up in a different neighborhood, but this time they didn't knock.

“It’s a lever doorknob so I heard it squeeze and a bump then, a second later, a harder squeeze and a harder bump and then, about two seconds later, a knock,” Wilson said.

Brody Wilson says someone tried to get into his home around 8 p.m. Wednesday.

“I heard it. My kids heard it. It was obvious,” Wilson said.

Wilson confronted them out on his front lawn.

“I can’t believe it -  just how bold they are. Open your door and walk into your house,” Wilson said.

Wilson says they got aggressive and denied trying to get into his home.

“Within seconds, a van came, they jumped in and they were gone,” Wilson said.

That’s when Wilson said he called police.

“We don’t know what their motive is at this point. Obviously, it’s concerning to us if they’re going to the extent of entering into someone’s house,” said Sgt. Chris Hadlock, Lehi Police Department.

Lehi police said they've received similar calls and they're on the lookout for the suspects and their white van.

The suspects were described as at least one black man and two black women.

Police offer this tip for homeowners:

“Keep your doors locked, day or night. Unfortunately we don’t live in a day andage we can keep them unlocked,” Sgt. Hadlock said.

Residents have set up a neighborhood watch program, keeping a close eye out. Police are encouraging everyone to do the same.

If you see their van or anything suspicious, call police.