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The coolest smart home gadgets

Posted at 1:10 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 16:18:23-04

The "Social Geek" Jesse Stay brought in the latest smart home gadgets to the studio today. With technology emerging the home is a place to foster all gadgets making it smarter.

The latest gadgets we learned about today are:

  • Vivint Smart Home - All service comes with Vivint’s monthly monitoring service that will automatically call police/fire/etc for you in the event an alarm is triggered. Set up fee is $99 per month and a monthly fee starting at $39.99. You can arrange set up for your home at
  • Control4 -For just about $600 plus approximately a $200 installation fee you can have an immediate start to your smart home with Control4. They focus on a full-scale solution allowing you, the customer, to completely customize the smart home experience to your liking.
  • Amazon Echo - Amazon Echo provides a series of devices where you can summon “Alexa”, the voice controlled service that responds to what you ask her. Amazon Echo retails on Amazon for $179.99.
  • Samsung Smartthings Hub -A “Smart Hub” is a device that communicates with all the other smart devices (like lights, locks, alarms, etc) in the home. The Smartthings hub integrates with multiple radio technologies – it speaks Z-Wave, Zigbee, as well as bluetooth and then connects to the internet over an ethernet cable. The Samsung Smartthings Hub retails for just $99 on Amazon. You will also need to buy all the devices that connect to it, so always keep that mind if you take this approach!
  • Google Onhub -The Onhub router is a smart router that learns the way your home uses the internet, and automatically assigns bandwidth to the devices that need it most. But now with IFTTT integration it will also integrate with the other smart devices in your system! Google Onhub retails for $176.39 on Amazon.

Check out more of the the latest gadgets at and Jesse's Facebook page.