Aroma Beat: Beats that make scents

Posted at 4:31 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 18:31:43-04

Brandon Berrett and Patrick Warby are the founders of Aroma Beat. The device is a battery powered essential oil diffuser with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, all remotely controlled from your phone or tablet. Aroma beat has an 8-hour battery life, USB port, and LED lights. There is also a detachable water cartridge. The device was created by Brandon Berrett who grew up with abusive and neglectful parents and was eventually taken away and lived in and out of shelter homes and foster care until he was adopted when he was 14. He is now a single father, and professional athlete on American Ninja Warrior. He says he wanted to prove to his art students at the treatment center he works at that anything is possible with hard work and belief in yourself. They just launched their Kickstarter, to support them go here:

When to use Aroma Beat:
*If you have a fussy baby you can remotely turn on some white noise and lavender in their room.

*Go to bed with calming music and your favorite calming essential oils and then have it wake you up with some soothing wild orange scents and  upbeat music.

*Great for yoga, take it wherever you need in the studio and play music and diffuse oils.

*Great for massage therapy

*Great for studying in school and at home

To support this Kickstarter go here:
Instagram: @aroma.beat
Facebook: Aroma Beat