Utah families welcome new babies during Mother’s Day weekend

Posted at 5:23 PM, May 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 09:14:30-04

MURRAY, Utah -- What would make the ultimate Mother’s Day gift? How about giving birth to twins?

Kevin and Kassi Richardson received exactly that on Mother’s Day weekend at Murray’s Intermountain Medical Center.

“Crazy, they are exactly the same!” Kassi Richardson said.

Her newborn daughters, Harper and Sophie, are both 5 pounds, 7 ounces and both are 18.5 inches long.

“Such a good Mother’s Day present,” Kassi Richardson said.

It’s even more special for the Richardsons because they had been trying to have another baby for two years after their son Cooper was born.

“I was told I couldn’t have children, and we got really lucky with our son, and it had gotten worse afterwards, so we had to do IVF with them," Kassi Richardson said. "Infertility is a hard thing to go through; really hard but, then you get these little girls and it’s so worth it and you forget all about it.”

Down the hall, another mother and father were also welcoming a baby girl into their family.

Raiven and Carson Smith had their third baby on Mother’s Day weekend, Diem.

“You probably heard the phrase, ‘Carpe diem,’ ‘Seize the day,’ so it’s just the ‘Day’ in Latin,” Raiven Smith said. “It is a great Mother’s Day” present to have her this weekend.”

“I’ve wanted a girl all along,” Carson Smith said. “Every time you know you say, ‘I just want a healthy baby,’ but in my real mind, I always wanted a girl, so I am very excited to have daddy’s girl.”

Both families said there is no greater gift, except to receive the girls over Mother’s Day weekend.