Community offers help after elderly couple in Murray receives rude letter about garage

Posted at 6:57 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 23:40:46-04

MURRAY - An anonymous letter, stamped and postmarked to an elderly Murray couple's home, is creating quite a stir.

"At first I was really mad," said Sheryn Shaw, the daughter of the elderly couple.

She said her sister texted her a picture of the letter and what it said.

"It took me hours to simmer down," she added.

The letter read: "Please paint your garage door! We as neighbors are embarrassed by you!!"

The Shaw family garage is missing a considerable amount of paint. The chipping, and stripping a result of nearly 80 years without maintenance.

"This garage was built by my father back in 1950," said 80-year-old Deloy Shaw, the homeowner. "He used an aluminum paint on there as a primer. So, it soaked the wood real good."

Shaw said that he's tried to remove the paint himself before, but between his bad knee, his visual neuropathy and heart complications, it's virtually impossible.

"I think I can do it, but when I go out to do it, it's not that easy," he said.

Shaw's daughter contends that they've asked neighbors about the letter, and no one claims responsibility. In fact, many of them say they've received the letters too.

More than anything, Sheryn Shaw said she was disappointed in whoever wrote it.

"In some communities, you still have that where people get together and help each other out," she said.

Sheryn posted a picture of the letter and her father's garage to Facebook. Within days, her post had been shared multiple times, and over the weekend, others in the community showed up to lend a hand.

"I think we could probably paint a thousand houses just because so many people have stepped up willing to help," she said.