Suspects throw nails at Orem PD during car chase, surrender after running out of gas

Posted at 6:05 PM, May 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 10:09:52-04

OREM, Utah - Orem Police say two suspects used an interesting tactic to slow them down during a car chase: a box of nails.

Last week, three men stole a blue Hyundai Sonata from a man at gunpoint.

Sunday morning, the owner of the vehicle called police after she spotted two men in it near 400 West University Parkway.

Orem Police were nearby and tried to pull the car over. They say the suspects threw a box of nails out of the car window in hopes of flattening the cop car's tires.

But the tactic didn't slow down police. The suspects fled, with police chasing them through Provo Canyon and reaching speeds of 80 mph.

They dodged several police spike strips, but as they crossed into Wasatch County near Deer Creek, the suspects ran out of gas and surrendered without incident.

Lt. Craig Martinez says he was surprised the suspects would resort to an unusual tactic to evade police.

"I guess in theory it sounds like a good idea if you're a criminal, but in this case it didn't work," he said. "We got the nails cleaned up, and I don't think anyone was affected by it."

Martinez gave a further warning: "If you're gonna drive around in a stolen car and commit crimes: Make sure you have gas."

Police say they chase suspects when they feel like the public isn't in any danger. In this case, there weren't many vehicles on the road and there were no concerns about road conditions.

They're pleased no one was hurt and the suspects are in custody.