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Magical fairy gardens with Beebledee Bop

Posted at 1:25 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 17:29:31-04

Fairy gardens are a unique and magical way to spend quality time with a child while fostering a child`s own creativity and imagination. Cindy Eggertz and Kelli Tingey have tailored the product line at Beebledee Bop to foster creativity, imagination, and wonder for both parent and child alike.

My Fairy`s Garden is a picture book beautifully illustrated by Stephanie White. It`s a story about a magical journey of a child and her fairy. The child meets her fairy friend, builds a home for her, and after sprinkling the magic pixie dust, her fairy friend flies through the night performing magical fairy acts like helping buds to bloom, feeding the birds tasty treats and dropping dew upon flowers. Towards the end of the story, your child has a magical moment when they discover that it`s not just a fairy tale, but magic that is ready and waiting for them.
The most important ingredient in building a fairy garden is imagination, and everyone has one of those, so it`s easy to get started. Whether you build your garden in the woods, the city, in the backyard or in a container, magic will happen. It's great to add some earthy elements like flowers, ivy, grass seed, rocks, moss to your fairy garden. Through Beebledee Bop you are also able to purchase items like a fairy gourd home, slide, bridge, whirly twirl bench and some mushrooms. Using these elements, you work together to create, to imagine what could be, and to build something magical together. It`s a magical moment that your child will always remember.

A fairy garden isn`t complete without sprinkling our magic golden dust so your fairy can spread her wings while you sleep and work all her fairy magic.  You sprinkle the magic dust, and clap three times and shout 'I believe in fairies!'

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