Police: Father dead, son injured after gang-related shooting in Holladay

Posted at 2:07 PM, May 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-21 18:42:02-04

HOLLADAY, Utah -- One man is dead and his son is injured after a possible gang fight escalated to a shooting in Holladay early Saturday morning.

Somewhere between 2 and 2:30 a.m., around a half-dozen people were partying at an apartment at the Hidden Meadows Apartments when they were confronted by a group of seven to nine people, said Lt. Lex Bell, spokesman for Unified Police Department.

"They went inside, some sort of confrontation occurred, fist fight ensued, fight escalated," he said. "That's when shots were fired by this group who had showed up."

Darrin Jackson, a 46-year-old resident of the apartment, was shot and killed on scene. His 26-year old son, Jonathan Jackson, was attending the party and was shot in the arm. He was treated at a hospital.

"In talking with witnesses and those that were there, there was not a great deal of cooperation unfortunately," Bell said of their investigation so far.

They may not be talking, but those witnesses being unhelpful gave them a clue.

"They are, some of them, documented gang members," Bell said. "We're looking into that angle, that it may be gang-related. Unfortunately in those situations, often we don't get a lot of cooperation from gang members."

No arrests have been made at this time. Unified Police is asking for information, like if anyone saw a vehicle leaving the area around the time of the shooting. They're urged to call police at 801-743-7000.

"That's what we need, just a tip, a little bit to go on," Lt. Bell said.