Repo agent charged with manslaughter after fatal crash in Pleasant Grove

Posted at 8:47 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 22:47:06-04

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — A repo agent has been charged with manslaughter after an attempt to repossess a woman’s vehicle led to a fatal accident last week.

The charge stems from an incident on May 17 when police say Kenneth Drew, 49, pursued Ashleigh Best, 35, in his company tow truck on Pleasant Grove streets in an attempt to repossess the Lincoln Navigator she was driving.

The high-speed chase ended near Pleasant Grove Junior High when Drew attempted to pin Best against the curb on the right on 100 East, according to court documents.

When her vehicle didn’t stop, court documents indicate, Best’s vehicle jumped the curb and hit a tree.

Before the accident, Drew went to Best’s home, accompanied by his girlfriend. As he backed the tow truck up to the driveway, Best’s husband Brennen, came out and blocked access to the Navigator by standing between the two vehicles, according to court documents.

After arguing briefly about the repossession, the court documents indicate, the Bests would be given time to update payments and show proof of that in exchange for Drew leaving the Navigator.

“Mr. Best told police he then instructed Ashleigh Best to drive the Navigator to her mother’s house,” according to court documents.

Shortly after that, court documents state, Best got in the Navigator and drove past the tow truck on the right. At the same time, Brennen Best attempted to place himself in front of Drew to keep him from following the Navigator.

He was unsuccessful.

“Mr. Drew admitted to police that he was angry at having given the Bests an opportunity to keep their car that they used to try to get away from him,” according to court documents.

In a discussion with Drew’s employer, police were told that it is company policy never to chase anyone who tries to avoid repossession.

It’s also against company policy for Drew to have had his girlfriend with him on a repossession call.