West Jordan teen girl trains, pursues dreams in boxing, MMA

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 00:06:27-04

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- At school Savannah Suitter seems like a typical sophomore girl, but when the bell rings the 16-year-old steps into the ring.

“It’s more than a hobby, it’s my life,” she said.

It's a side of the Savannah most don't know.

“People will be really surprised and say, ‘you box?’” Savannah said.

Savannah is usually known as a shy, girly girl but people quickly change their mind when they find out she boxes and trains for MMA.

Savannnah, who goes by Skye when her pink gloves go on, is punching through stereotypes. Not only is she a woman in a sport that's been male dominated for decades, but she's the youngest by far.

“I started when I was 13,” Savannah said.

Skye grew up watching her dad shadow boxing in the hall.

“She’s amazing she just picks up on everything,” said Brain Suitter, Savannah’s dad.

Suitter has a love affair with boxing and MMA. A love he wanted to share with his kids but never thought his two daughters would be interested.

When Skye put on the gloves she never took them off -- a unique way for father and daughter to bond.

“It has brought us closer, the punching the kicking,” Suitter said.

From hook, jab and kick, Suitter gives his daughter tips and tricks to take into the ring.

“Everything is white noise and you start stepping into the ring and your heart is like but when you get in it’s like you’re so ready and all for it,” Savannah said.

With her dad coaching her on the sidelines Skye has never lost a fight.

“I’m preparing for when I start competing and I’m going to get in the UFC and I’m going to beat up Misha Rhonda and Holly all those,” Savannah said.

Until then, she's kicking her dad's trash.

“It was Thanksgiving. She head-kicked me so hard I felt like I had to eat my turkey dinner through a straw and I was so proud of her. I was like, ‘I’m so proud of you,’” Suitter said.

The sport is not only Skye's passion but it gives the 16-year-old confidence most girls her age don't have.

“Boxing and MMA has been helping me being confident and knowing I can stand up for myself,” Savannah said.

Skye has suffered from bruises, big lips, bumps and bruises but she says the perseverance she uses in the ring, reminds her to always keep fighting no matter what it is.

“During trials I know I need to keep going and I can’t stop because when I do finish, it will be worth it,” Savannah said.

Skye is willing to throw as many punches and kicks as it takes to reach her dream.

“I want to be the champion someday I want to get to the top,” she said.