Low water levels at Utah Lake require extra safety measures for boaters

Posted at 7:42 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 21:46:53-04

UTAH COUNTY -- In past years, Utah Lake has been one of the busiest places for boaters on Memorial Day. This year is a different story.

"As far as boating I'd say we're only about as third as busy as we normally are," said Jason Allen, park manager at Utah Lake, Monday.

Because of below-average snow pack in recent years, the lake is only at 55 percent capacity, keeping some boaters away for fear of getting stuck. With only three to four feet of water in the marina, many big boats would bottom out. Smaller ones, however, can still get through to the lake.

"Even today, if you can get your boat out of the marinas - there's plenty of water in the lake," Allen said.

Jamie Griffiths was out on Utah Lake, Monday, with her ski boat. She said she hasn't noticed the low water levels.

"I think it's been OK," she said.

The middle of lake is about six to eight feet deep. Park managers tell boaters they'll be just fine as long as they stay about a mile from the shoreline.

"It’s much like a vehicle. If you're going to go out and you know where you're going to go, please let a loved one or a friend know where you're going in case you get stuck and you don't return home when you're supposed to," Allen said.

There are plans to have this marina dredged by April 1 of next year, but until then officials say to take it slow and stay safe.