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Utah family $1,000 richer after discovering key in library book

Posted at 1:35 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-01 15:35:16-04

Naylan McBaine with Brain Chase tells us about the Library Challenge. Brain Chase hid $1,000 in a Three Musketeers book at Whitmore library. They then gave out clues to the treasure. The contest was for kids ages 6-16. One lucky family found the hidden key at the library right before closing time Tuesday evening. They will be awarded their prize in the next few days.

Brain Chase is an online learning challenge disguised as a massive global treasure hunt. Kids complete online learning activities each week to unlock animated webisodes with clues to the location of a real buried treasure holding a $10,000 scholarship. Previous Brain Chase winners have been whisked away to Spain, Japan, and New Orleans to unearth their buried treasure and cash prize. The summer program begins in a few weeks.

Brain Chase now hosts three large treasure hunts per year. The summer program lasts 6 weeks. The spring and fall programs last 9 weeks. Brain Chase was developed to combat summer learning loss, as it is estimated that kids lose up to two months of grade level skills during these months. Brain Chase has created a program that is fun for kids, engages the whole family in a massive global treasure hunt, and secretly helps to keep kids sharp all summer long. Adventure tools are mailed to the kids during the course of the program to help them solve the clues in the videos.

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