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Weird News Wednesday: Vacuum climber, chimney ghost, Gordon Ramsey baby look-alike, Lego mistake and 500 straws

Posted at 1:10 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-01 15:10:57-04

There is a vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to climb up the windows on a skyscraper. One woman used two vacuums created by LG to use the suction power to climb the windows. LG is hoping this will help draw attention to technological innovation that is happening with everyday tools.

Have you ever thought you've heard a voice from maybe a ghost? One man in Iowa thought he had been hearing someone say "get out of here" in his shop. He thought he'd been a little crazy until his wife also heard the voice and police found a man in the chimney.

The Gordon Ramsey baby look-alike has taken over social media!  The child was born in Wales and the family tweeted out a photo to the actual Gordon Ramsey and they finally got a funny response.

One child knocked over a Lego statue that was a $15,000 display. The artist spent three days creating the statue, however, was not upset about the mistake.

A man in India became obsessed with beating a world record. He finally had the idea to have his teeth removed in order to fit 500 straws in his mouth breaking the record.