Utah teens assist family after car crash, leave money to replace destroyed groceries

Posted at 11:08 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 01:30:30-04

RIVERDALE, Utah -- A West Haven mom is praising the help of four high schoolers after they rushed to her and her kids' side after a car crash.

Krystal Brown said a driver ran a red light on Riverdale Road near 900 West and slammed into her car on the evening of June 2.

Her two kids, 3-year-old Toby and 10-year old Bryton, sat in back.

"Before I knew it, these four kids were rushing my car, and they helped get the doors open," Brown recounted.

What the teens did next to help not only surprised Brown, it brought her to tears.

Toby had gone into shock, and "Bryton was grabbing his head screaming."

In those chaotic moments, Coltin McClain, Jenica Pender, Myia DeHerrera and Kiara Kirton stopped to help.

"It looked pretty bad," 17-year-old Kiara said. "It looked like someone could have been seriously hurt, so it was just the right thing to do."

"She was just in shock, very scared," 16-year old Jenica said of Krystal.

The teens called 911, and they held Bryton's hand to keep the autistic boy from taking off.

"One of the gals even got one of the boxes of fruit snacks opened," Krystal said. They gave the snacks to Bryton to help calm him down.

And, the group noticed the crash destroyed most of the groceries Krystal had just bought.

"They were leaking all over," Jenica said. "We took them out of the car and placed them on the grass."

As the scene started to calm down, 17-year-old Coltin pulled Krystal aside.

"He said, 'We just want to talk to you for a second. We know that we can't take it away, we know that we can't make the night any better,'" Krystal said.

Coltin went on to say they wanted to take away the burden in some way, and at least pay for Krystal's groceries.

Coltin tried to hand Krystal two $20 bills he withdrew from his account. She wouldn't accept it, but it brought about tears of gratitude.

"They didn't have to give me anything, they didn't even have to stay, but they did," she said.

The next day, she came upon a special note hidden in her grocery bag, folded up with those two $20 bills inside.

It read: "I knew you wouldn't accept it, but we want you to have it. You're so strong, and we love you lots."

As Krystal held the note and cash, she was touched by their heart and compassion.

For the four, it was simply the right thing to do.

"For us, we were looking for any way to help as much as we could," Myia said.

And they hope their story will inspire others to step in and help when someone is in need.

"It was really touching to us to know that we impacted her life so much, so I think it impacted ours," Jenica said. "I hope it encourages other people to do the same."

Krystal said she put the note and money in her glove box, and she plans to pay it forward if she comes across someone else who needs a helping hand.