Cowboy jumps on horse, lassos suspected thief in Oregon

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 22:59:10-04

By Amanda Jackson and Salim Essaid


(CNN) -- Never mess with a cowboy. One suspected bike thief learned this the hard way.

And this didn't take place in Texas -- but rather Oregon.

On Friday morning, a damsel found herself in distress and a man perched on his horse came galloping to her rescue.

This would seem like a scene straight from a Western movie except the incident happened in the parking lot of an Eagle Point shopping center.

Robert Borba, armed with just a rope, put his lassoing skills to use when he heard someone cry out for help.

"A lady yelled out 'He's stealing my bike, he's stealing my bike'," Borba told CNN. He jumped on his horse that was saddled up in his trailer.

When the suspected thief saw Borba was on his trail he jumped off the bike and started running, according to Eagle Point police. Borba was able to successfully rope the man by the ankles. A photo taken by a bystander showed the roped man on the ground, holding onto a tree.

Witnesses snapped photos of the suspect all tied up.

"He jumped on his horse that was at the ready and pulled out his lasso," said Alyssa Borba, Robert's wife. "This is what he does [for a living], so he could do it quick."

Borba, a professional cowboy, was on his way to California when he stopped in the shopping center to pick up some dog food.

The suspect was kept tied up until police arrived.

"It was truly the Wild, Wild West," said a spokesperson for Eagle Point police. Potential charges were not available.

CNN's George Montgomery contributed to this report.