Crews battling three lightning-caused fires in southern Utah

Posted at 12:03 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 21:54:19-04

UPDATE: The U.S. Forest service provided updates on the status of all three fires.

The Aspen Fire is still burning on an estimated 355 acres, and it is 50 percent contained as of Saturday.

The Pine Canyon Fire is now on 105 acres and is 76 percent contained as of Saturday.

The Saddle Fire has grown to 209 acres and is at 0 percent containment as of Saturday afternoon. The public is invited to attend an information meeting on the fire at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Pine Valley Fire Station, 680 East Main Street. The Goat Springs Trail is expected to be closed in the near future.

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IRON COUNTY, Utah - A firefighter was flown to a hospital after suffering  an injury in a fall while battling the Aspen wildfire in Iron County, which is burning on an estimated 355 acres as of Thursday night.

Crews said the firefighter tripped on rocky terrain and suffered a head injury. Later Thursday he was reported to be stable and in good condition.

Fire crews said the ground conditions can be dangerous with dead trees and rough terrain.

The Aspen Fire is threatening at least 20 homes and buildings but isn't forcing evacuations at this time. Fire crews are working to clear debris around homes to mitigate fire danger.

Bumblebee Ridge Road has been closed in the area. The lightning-caused blaze was first reported early Wednesday morning.

Crews are battling two other fires in the vicinity, both of which were also caused by lightning.

The Pine Canyon Fire was first spotted Wednesday afternoon, and it is burning an estimated 60 acres about two miles south of the Aspen Fire.

Fire crews said as of Thursday night the Pine Canyon Fire and the Aspen Fire were both 5 percent contained.

The Saddle Fire was first reported Monday, and it has burned about 103 acres. The fire is about 2.5 miles southwest of Pine Valley. No area or road closures are in effect due to this fire. While air crews are battling the Saddle Fire, the steep terrain makes it inaccessible to ground crews.

FIRE UPDATES: Wildfire info from the State of Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands

Aspen Fire in Iron County

Aspen Fire in Iron County