Seven dogs escape North Logan yards during unexpected fireworks display

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 11:37:01-04

NORTH LOGAN - As the patriotic celebrations roll into the night loud booms of fireworks will fill the sky sparking concern among pet owners. 
One woman says unexpected fireworks spooked her dog and almost cost him his life now she wants other to know how to protect their furry friends.

Deanna Larson of North Logan had quite the scare when she came home last week to find her 8-month-old German Shepherd Pointer, Jasper, gone.

"I was very upset, I was extremely distressed,” Larson said.

Jasper is one of 7 dogs in the neighborhood that escaped their yard when loud noises and mysterious lights were coming from the sky.

A private company was having a firework show across the street.

“I don't think he had any reason to get out unless he was running for his life,” Larson said.

Deanna says she didn't know about the firework show, despite the fact the city says fliers were handed out warning residents. She says Japser scrambled over the fence looking for a place to hide.

After jumping over the fence jasper darted out of the back yard and down the road. The dog ended up nearly a mile away from his home when someone stopped and picked him up.

“The woman who picked him up said many cars stopped to avoid hitting him and an emergency vehicle put his lights on so he could safely get out and pick him up,” Larson said.

Despite the cuts on his paws and some close calls with cars, Jasper and Deanna were happily reunited.

The Humane Society of Utah says this case, isn't unique. During the firework season they see an increase of 30% of pets that run away.

“A lot of pets going missing during the week of fireworks simply because it's so scary for them,” said Deanna Shepherd, Director Marketing and Communications, Humane Society of Utah.

The Humane Society offers these tips for pet parents.

“Make sure you set up a nice inside room with their favorite toys and treats kind of distract them with the tv or music,” Shepherd said.

They also say to be aware of firework schedules, don't take pets to the shows and most importantly make sure your furry friends are tagged.

“If they do go missing and they are picked up then a vet can scan make sure their current information is updated so they can contact you and be reunited with you,” Shepherd said.

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