Murder, kidnapping charges filed in death of UTA worker Kay Ricks

Posted at 7:59 AM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 01:32:01-04

LINCOLN COUNTY, Wyo. - Authorities said suspects in the death of UTA worker Kay Ricks are facing first-degree murder and kidnapping charges.

Flint and DJ Harrison have also been charged with possession of stolen property.

The pair was on the run from police, accused of holding five women against their will at a house in Centerville on May 10.

In Salt Lake City on May 12, detectives said they believe the pair kidnapped Ricks, the UTA worker, stole his truck and drove him to Wyoming.

Investigators said they believe the Harrisons beat Ricks to death near a dirt road, 16 miles south of Kemmerer, Wyoming.

"The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and facial area," Spencer Allred said, the Lincoln County Attorney.

Charging documents detail a violent end to Ricks' life.

"...the following injuries were present on K. Ricks body, blunt force impact to the right temple, superficial, jagged, sharp instrument cuts to the neck, with slashing, cut and stabbing features..."

"The sheer brutality is incomprehensible, and, it's especially so because of my relationship with Kay the family," said Richard Massey, a spokesman for the Ricks family.

Massey said the family knew few details about the way Kay was killed until the murder charges were announced Tuesday afternoon.

"The family just doesn't want these two men to ever see the outside of a jail cell again," Massey said.

The Harrisons are currently in custody in Utah, facing charges in Davis County.

The Lincoln County Attorney says he will wait for the case in Utah to wrap up before bringing the Harrisons to Wyoming to face murder charges.

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