New commander announced at Hill Air Force Base

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 21:07:17-04

LAYTON, Utah - A new commander was announced at Hill Air Force Base.

Col. Jennifer Hammerstedt is now in charge of the 75th Air Base Wing.

The now, former commander, Col. Ronald Jolly Sr., will be taking a new job at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. as the Deputy Director of Resource Integration for Headquarters Air Force Logistics, Installations and Mission Support.

“Ron and his stellar leadership of this 75th Air Base Wing has made sure we were ready to fight and win,” said Gen. Lee Levy.  “So today is a difficult day but it's also a glorious day for Hill.”

Hammerstedt said her mission is to follow in Jolly’s footsteps.

“It's kind of my priority to hit the ground running today, pick up the baton from Col. Jolly from where he left off and keep all of the extremely valuable missions that go on here going forward,” Hammerstedt said. “Certainly the F35 mission coming on is a big deal for our Air Force. Really excited to be a part of that. We will work very closely with the 388th Fighter Wing make sure they have everything they need to support the mission as well as the Air Logistics Complex who does the depot maintenance on the F35 and the F22… As General Levy said, this day isn't really about me personally it is about the Wing.”

That is the same message Jolly delivered, thanking all 2,800 of his airmen but he said- even more valuable than they have been to him, his family he values most.

“You see I have given a lot up,” Jolly said.  “My family has given more, and I owe my family for the sacrifices that they have made.”