Woman uses Tinder to find help with household chores

Posted at 2:04 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 17:13:37-04

BROOKLYN, NY - If you are having trouble finding the love of your life on Tinder, don't give up on the app just yet.

A woman in New York has found what might be an even better use for the dating app.

She is using it to find help with chores around her house.

She found a bachelor whose photo showed him wearing overalls and holding a hammer, so she swiped right and asked him to come over and fix her air conditioner… and it worked!

He fixed the A/C but then when he asked her out on a proper date, she blew him off.

She says she doesn't feel guilty about it, because she was upfront about her intentions.

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