Man revived after heart attack biking from San Diego to Florida, thanking firefighters along the way

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jul 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-08 20:09:11-04

ROY, Utah -- Bob Quick got a second chance at life.

"Twelve years ago September I died at this hospital of a massive heart attack," Quick said.

Roy firefighters responded, and Quick was rushed to McKay-Dee hospital, where he was treated by Dr. Jack Lassetter.

"He was dead when he arrived to the hospital," Lassetter said. "He had no heartbeat. We were able to revive him, resuscitate him."

Diagnosed with severe multi-vessel coronary artery disease, Dr. Lassetter told Quick to get off the couch.

"Initially his prognosis was poor, and unless he made some lifestyle changes he was not going to survive very long," Lassetter said.

Quick took that advice to heart. After 16 stints, 23 heart procedures, and a pacemaker defibrillator, he rode his bike from San Diego to Florida. Three years later, he's doing it again.

Throughout his 90-day journey, he'll stop at 65 different fire stations, but it's not just to check in on his health.

"If it wasn't for the firefighters across America I wouldn't be here," Quick said. "They are, and I can never say this enough, they are our hometown heroes."

Heroes he plans to thank along his journey as he delivers a message about healthy living.

"Rome wasn't built in a day," Quick said. "If you're overweight, you're hurting, you're going to hurt a little bit. You're not going to lose that first five pounds like you want to. Give it time."

It's a message Quick always delivers with a hug and a smile.