Utah County residents gather to show support for law enforcement

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 00:38:58-04

PROVO, Utah -- Echoing off the Wasatch front in Provo, the sound of car horns blared from the corner of Center Street and 500 West.

"Honk if you love officers," said Megan Boulton, Founder of the 10-78 Utah Foundation, a group that raises money for officers injured in the line of duty.

Boulton organized an event called 'Backing the Blue' Monday night at Pioneer Park.

Sitting in the shade at the event, Christopher James Holloway is one of several people who took the time to handwrite a letter of support. Holloway graduated from Utah Valley University's police academy at about the same time the shooting started in Dallas.

"It's very sobering knowing you are going into a profession where the entire populace might not like you, you might not be coming home every night," Holloway said.

The letter Holloway wrote will be hand-delivered in Dallas in two weeks. He tried to find words for what so many of his fellow graduates feel.

"People care. People support them," Holloway said.

He was not alone.

"I truly appreciate what they do for my community, what they do for my family and how they keep us safe," said Christopher Miller as he wrote his own letter.

Boulton will be the one delivering the letters, along with any donations people want to send to the injured officers. She knows every dollar counts, but says, it's often the letters that mean so much more.

"For them to have something to be able to have something to hold onto when they are feeling down and feeling like why do we do what we do, they can just pick it up and read it and remember that there are people who support them," Boulton said.

If you want to send your own letter for Boulton to deliver, she says to reach out through the foundation Facebook page