Crews battling several fires across Utah

Posted at 8:27 PM, Jul 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 18:43:34-04

UTAH — Hot weather and dry conditions make Utah ripe for wildfires, and crews are working to contain several fires burning across the state.

Campers were evacuated from American Fork Canyon Sunday after a UTV exploded and started a wildland fire that burned at least 7 acres so far. Three people were injured in the explosion. 

Smoke from the West Antelope Fire was visible from all over the Salt Lake Valley this weekend, but Sunday crews said they had the fire largely under control. The fire damaged about 14,00 acres, which officials said amounts to half of the island’s area.

The Pole Patch Fire burned about 90 acres and temporarily evacuated 25 homes near Pleasant View Friday. 

The Mercer Fire broker out near Lake Mountain Friday after a lightning strike, and it has burned about 27 acres so far. Crews hope to have full containment by Saturday night.

The Lower Ebbs Fire is burning an estimated 2,945 acres near Scipio Summit as of Sunday, according to fire officials. The fire was caused by lightning and is zero percent contained.

The Choke Cherry Fire near Ibapah, Utah has burned 1,632 acres since July 18, and it is 51 percent contained.

The Cove Fire has burned 974 acres since July 5 and is 0 percent contained.

The Red Ledge Fire is burning on about 290 acres 2 miles east of Currant Creek Reservoir. The fire is 49 percent contained.

The Outlook Fire is burning on about 70 acres near the top of Henry’s Fork in Summit County. Fire officials do not list a containment percentage for the fire.