Suspect in kidnapping, murder of UTA worker found dead in jail

Posted at 12:14 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-25 18:34:37-04
Flint Wayne Harrison

Flint Wayne Harrison

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – One of two men charged with the kidnapping and murder of a Utah Transit Authority worker was found dead in his jail cell Monday, the Davis County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Authorities say Flint Harrison, 52, apparently hanged himself.  His body was discovered shortly after midnight.

“Our deputies and nursing staff immediately began efforts to revive the inmate and worked with our paramedics as well as Farmington Fire Fighters for over twenty minutes,” the Davis County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful.”

Flint, and his son, Derek “D.J.” Harrison, are accused in the kidnapping and death of UTA worker Kay Ricks in May.

The pair were on the run from police, accused of holding five women against their will at a house in Centerville on May 10.

Kay Ricks

Missing UTA worker Kay Ricks

In Salt Lake City on May 12, detectives believe the pair kidnapped Ricks, stole his service truck and drove him to Wyoming.

Investigators say they believe the Harrisons beat Ricks to death near a dirt road, 16 miles south of Kemmerer, Wyoming.

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Flint Harrison’s death.

D.J. Harrison remains in the Davis County Jail and is under 24-hour watch.

Ricks family spokesman Richard Massey sent Fox 13 this statement:

“The Ricks Family learned early this morning of the suicide of Flint Harrison.  We are saddened by all the events surrounding the murder of Kay.  We acknowledge the many who continue to suffer because of this horrendous act.  We anticipated that Flint Harrison would answer for his actions in a courtroom.  And while we cannot know for certain why he chose to take his life, we can only believe that his actions had something to do with the hard work of multiple law enforcement agencies-including the UTA Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and others in gathering the evidence needed to charge and convict Flint and his son, DJ, of the brutal and senseless murder of Kay.

The Ricks Family calls upon Davis County law enforcement to release DJ Harrison to Lincoln County, Wyoming authorities.  We believe this cooperative act by Davis County will speed up the process required to convict and sentence DJ.  The Ricks Family knows full well that nothing will bring Kay back.  However, we hoped that Flint and DJ Harrison would both answer for their crimes.  Now, DJ is left to explain.

We are a family of faith; and we know that we will see Kay again.”