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How to pick the right eye shadow for your eye color

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 15:42:40-04

Makeup artist Marisa Rose shares tips on finding the right eye shadow to compliment your eye color. Go here to find more from her.

How to apply a everyday eye with more drama

- Apply a eye primer. Reason to prime your eye is so your eye shadow doesn't crease through the day and stay all day.
- Use a large eye shadow fluffy brush to add a soft neutral eye shadow to the crease (Using "Naked" by Urban Decay). Make sure to blend!
- To find the "crease"- especially if you have hooded eyelids, grab your eye shadow brush, tap it on the back of your eyeball and sweep the eye shadow right along and above that crease.
- Next, find a shimmer (I use Woodwinked, a bronze) and use a flat brush to apply all over the lid, where the crease color isn't applied.
- If desired use a black eyeshadow of any kind, grab a small brush and quickly blend that along your lash line to give great depth to your lashes.
- Sweep the bronze color we used on the lid under the bottom lash line to create more depth and round out your eyes to make your eyes pop!

Eyeshadow color for certain eye colors:
Brown: This is a neutral eye color so any color works! My favorite is green, purple and bronze.

Blue: I love using bronze/copper colors and pinks. Both are opposite color tones to blue eyes so helps make the eyes stand out. Another trick that works with blue eyes that I love is using black eyeshadow as an eyeliner just on the top lash line to really add some depth to blue eyes.
Product examples: Woodwinked eyeshadow by MAC, Malt eyeshadow by MAC and Carbon black by MAC for eyeliner.

Green: My favorite to use is a deep purple and also gold/bronze colors. Emerald tones work beautifully as well if it's in your comfort level. Since purple and green are almost opposite of the color wheel it really makes your eyes pop!
Products that work well: Woodwinked eyeshadow by MAC, and Quarry eyeshadow by MAC.