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Davis Hospital and Medical Center: Cancer Care Closer to Home

Posted at 2:20 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 16:20:33-04

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and even scared. Although every cancer treatment plan is different, no one should feel alone when facing this journey. The cancer care team at Davis Hospital and Medical Center is dedicated to helping every patient through the entire cancer care process—from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

Why is it important to have a community hospital that offers cancer care?

  • High quality and innovative cancer treatment that is closer to home
  • Comfortable, community-minded setting
  • Patients are more likely to stay at home in between treatments
  • Closer for family members to visit

Davis Hospital and Medical Center provides comprehensive cancer care, including some of the latest technology in cancer treatment. TomoTherapy® is one example of the treatment methods offered.

What is TomoTherapy®?

TomoTherapy is a form of external-beam radiation delivered via a machine outside of the body. It combines advanced radiation therapy with computed tomography (CT) to sculpt radiation beams to treat tumors that are difficult to reach. The CT technology can confirm the shape and position of the tumor.

Benefits of TomoTherapy®

  • Precise and powerful form of radiation therapy
  • Reduces radiation exposure to healthy tissue
  • Provides a 3-D image of the treatment area for more accuracy
  • Side effects of radiation therapy may be minimized