Woman faces charges after discovery of infant bodies in Park City

Posted at 12:49 PM, Aug 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-06 19:11:08-04

PARK CITY, Utah -- A 28-year-old woman has been charged after roommates found the bodies of two infants in a closet.

Police responded to the home of 1287 Empire Ave. in Park City on September 3, 2015 on reports of a suspicious finding.

A roommate of Molly Jojola told police that she and some friends had been cleaning out Jojola's room when they found a large plastic tote in the closet that smelled bad.

The individuals cleaning the room opened the tote and said they saw what appeared to be human remains, the charging document said.

Police said a roommate texted Jojola about the tote and Jojola responded stating that it was the remains of two stillborn babies that she had given birth to in the past.

According to a court document, DNA testing confirmed that Jojola is the biological mother of both infants, one male and one female.

Authorities said Jojola admitted that she gave birth to the first baby in February of 2012 while she was living at the New Claim condominiums. Jojola claimed that she was unaware she was pregnant until she gave birth to the stillborn in the shower, police said.

After realizing the child was stillborn, Jojola stated she purchased a plastic tote and placed the baby inside, police said. Jojola took the tote with her when she moved out in September 2012.

Jojola told police she had a second stillborn in the bathtub in February of 2014 and admitted she placed the second child inside the tote along with the first and concealed it with blankets inside the closet.

Jojola has since been charged with two counts of desecration of a human body and currently resides in California.

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