Prop One improvements coming to UTA services in Davis, Weber counties

Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-14 19:24:31-04

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- It’s about to get a lot easier for many people who ride UTA buses and trains to get around.

UTA is making route changes and improvements in Weber and Davis Counties starting Sunday.

That funding was allocated after Proposition One passed in those areas last November.

"I hope that they find the system is more convenient," said Eddy Cummins, a Regional Manager for the Utah Transit Authority. "It gets them to where they want to go on time."

Cummins can’t wait for riders to take advantage of the new amenities, like the new shelter stop at the Riverdale Park and Ride.

"We pushed for this funding because we knew we could really make a tremendous impact," Cummins said.

That impact cost taxpayers about $40 a year. Weber and Davis Counties are receiving the improved bus services first.

Starting August 2016, there will be two new bus routes and four routes will have their weekday hours extended. Two routes will feature added peak hours, and there will be a 36 percent increase in 2016 weekend bus service.

"They say that population in this area is going to double by the year of 2040, therefore we need a transit infrastructure in place," Cummins said.

And one of the new routes is the Mid-town trolley. It’s designed to connect the Layton and Clearfield FrontRunner stations.

"It's something we think will be extremely popular for two reasons," Cummins said. "Number one, it's going to provide a convenient FrontRunner connection to the Davis Hospital, dozens of hotels and restaurants. Secondly, this route is going to be sponsored by local business. So it'll be free for riders."

For more information about the route changes, click here.