Man ties up juveniles found in daughter’s room; holds them overnight

Posted at 4:04 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 20:09:43-04

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - Authorities are sorting out the details of a strange incident that ended with two underage boys being tied up and held in a West Valley home overnight.

According to police documents, the first underage male went into a house on W. Parkway Ave. near 1100 W. and went into a girl's room the night of Aug. 17.

Officers said the underage girl yelled for her father, Mohamed Mohamed-Sidik, who came in and grabbed the underage male.

Police said Mohamed-Sidik called for his son to help tie up the person he found in his daughter's room.

Documents state Mohamed-Sidik's son removed the underage male's clothes and tied him up.

Another underage male was waiting outside and the nude person who was tied up called him to come into the house.

When he did, Mohamed-Sidik grabbed the second person and tied him up, leaving his clothes on.

Mohamed-Sidik and his son held the two underage males at knife-point took everything from the victims' pockets including cell phones, cigarettes, gum and a knife.

The two underage males were threatened and left tied up for about 8 hours, according to West Valley City Police.

They spent the night in the house and Mohamed-Sidik and his son gave them their phones and money back in the morning when they released the pair.

Officers said Mohamed-Sidik and his son admitted they tied up the two underage males and took their belongings.

Mohamed-Sidik gave police the other items he took from the pair including the knife, gum and cigarettes.

He also gave officers the rope he used to tie up the two victims.

Officers have not said if the two males broke into the home or knew the family.

Mohamed-Sidik is facing charges including aggravated kidnapping, robbery and assault.

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Mohamed-Sidik, Mohamed SO# 395254