Police: WVC man faces kidnapping charges after tying up, holding 2 teens at knifepoint

Posted at 10:17 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 00:17:58-04

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - A West Valley City man is in jail, facing accusations of kidnapping two teenage boys, tying them up with rope and holding them at knifepoint for eight hours.

The suspect is Mohamed Mohamed-Sadik. The alleged crime took place at his house on West Parkway Avenue on Aug. 17.

Mohamed-Sadik is from Burma, and according to his family, so are the two teenagers accusing him of kidnapping, robbery and assault.

"We've been in the United States seven years, we have never had this problem," said his son Sadik Mohamed.

Sadik said the two alleged victims live in foster care, and had become part of the family. However, two weeks ago one of the teens made the mistake of going into his 14-year-old sister's bedroom while she was taking an afternoon nap.

"They don't have any reason to go down there into my sister's room," Sadik said. "And then my sister screamed, and my dad came in."

According to Mohamed-Sadik's daughter, the teen had a knife and was sitting on her bed trying to touch her.

"My dad he is really upset, and like why do these two kids, they are young kids, why are they doing this," Sadik said.

The police report also said the teen had a knife.

According to the report, Mohamed-Sadik along with another one of his sons "removed the victim's clothes, leaving him nude, and helped tie the victim....the second victim entered the residence and was grabbed by Mohamed and then tied up with his cloths still on...Mohamed held a knife to the victims and removed all of the items in the victim's pockets...the victims were threatened with a knife and kept tied up for about eight hours."

Mohamed-Sadik's family said he was just trying to protect his daughter.

"He doesn't know really, he doesn't have any idea, maybe he is doing something wrong or maybe to kill her, I don't know, to my dad it was concerning why would they have a pocket knife," Sadik said.

The family said neither of the boys were forced to get naked and they were only held hostage for about 20 minutes.

"My dad is just giving them a warning, 'this is like your little sister, don't do this again, can call the police right now and report it,' and those kids said, 'please don't call the police,"' Sadik recalled.

The family said the boys were afraid of getting in trouble with their foster parents and didn't even want to leave the house asking to stay for dinner and then sleeping over.

"He killed one of the chickens and he cooked and everyone had dinner with them and then they slept over here on the bed," Sadik said.

Mohamed-Sadik remains in jail facing charges of aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.