City staff and police in Cottonwood Heights move to new location

Posted at 6:20 PM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 20:20:26-04

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS - Cottonwood Heights City staff have outgrown their offices and are moving into a new building the city can call its own.

The city purchased nearly five acres of land and built a brand new city center, and after waiting nearly two years since purchasing the land, it was moving day for police and city officials.

"Oh we are so excited… You know, they're almost ready," said John Park, City Manager for Cottonwood Heights. "I mean it's just one of those things, we still have workers here, but our staff is excited. It's been fun to see how it's brought the staff together, and it's just an incredible move for us."

Everything from papers, plans, and a whole lot of boxes, moved to the brand new 35,000-square foot city center across the street from Brighton High School.

"The concept really was to create a place that helped to establish an identity for Cottonwood Heights and to reflect just the beauty of the canyons," said Valerie Nagasawa, architect and project manager.

After 11 years of leasing office space, they’re excited to call this new location home.

"It's a council chamber, it's a meeting place, but they wanted to plan in this beautiful community room that residents could use for meetings, for wedding receptions, for parties and gatherings," Nagasawa said.

While the city is settling in, all city offices have temporarily been shut down. However, they are still reachable through phones and email. The new offices will be open to the public starting Friday, September 9.

"While its great to land here and to work here, this belongs to the people of Cottonwood Heights, and this was built around the people of Cottonwood Heights, and for that we're not only excited, but we're honored to be able to do that," Park said.

If you do want to come see inside the building, they will have a ribbon cutting and an open house with tours available Thursday, September 29.

The offices moved from 1265 East Fort Union Boulevard to 2277 East Bengal Boulevard.