USC football player from Utah charged with rape

Posted at 10:13 AM, Sep 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 15:20:15-04
Osa Masina

Osa Masina

SALT LAKE CITY - Osa Masina, a USC football player from Utah, has officially been charged with rape and sodomy, and he walked out of jail Thursday night after posting bond on a $250,000 bail.

The serious charges and disturbing details are described in court documents.

The alleged 19-year-old victim says she woke up to find Masina on top of her. Due to her intoxicated state, all she felt capable of doing was moving her legs to lessen the pain.

She said that's when she heard Masina laugh and he continued. The 19-year-old says the next thing she remembers is waking up later in the morning in the front yard of a neighbor's residence, with only her bra on and a blanket over her.

Masina's attorney, Greg Skordas, felt the vivid description in the court documents was unnecessary.

"I was surprised that they chose to be so graphic and describe things the way they did," Skordas said. "I think it's inappropriate."

Skordas also says his client tells a different story about that night.

"I can’t tell you what he’s saying, but I can tell you that their versions of the offense are completely different," Skordas said. "They couldn’t be more different."

Masina turned himself in Thursday after Utah authorities issued a warrant for his arrest with bail set at $250,000. Masina bonded out around 7 p.m.

Skordas says he was surprised that a first time offender was given such a high bail.

"Fifty, 75, even 100,000 dollars would’ve been a significant, very very high bail and consistent with what we’ve done in this county for decades," Skordas said.

However, District Attorney Sim Gill points to a similar alleged offense with the same victim in California as the reason behind his choice to set this bail amount.

"This was not something that was spontaneous," Gill said. "This is not something that happened just once."

Masina has been under investigation after being accused of sexual assault and has been asked to leave the university.

A victim accused him and another USC football player, Don Hill, of sexually assaulting her after giving her drugs and alcohol on two occasions; one in Los Angeles on July 14 and again in Cottonwood Heights on July 26.