SLC family leans on faith after 6-year-old son drowns in WVC hotel pool

Posted at 6:13 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 20:21:13-04

SALT LAKE CITY – A Salt Lake City family is mourning the loss of their 6-year-old son, Jordan Kalapa, who drowned at a West Valley City hotel pool over the weekend.

This comes just months after their sister and aunt, Ofa Kinikini, was killed when a train crashed into her car. The family says they are taking comfort knowing their aunt is taking care of their angel in heaven.

His dimples and full head of curly hair were Jordan’s trademarks. His parents say he turned a lot of heads at school.

I took him to breakfast one day, we sat down for breakfast and these little girls ran up and started twirling his hair,” said the boy's mother, Falena Kalapa. “They’re like, ‘Hi Jordan!’”

Jordan loved balloons, Lego’s and music.

“He was finally getting into Gangnam Style and Nae, Nae. And I was like, oh my goodness!" Falena Kalapa recalled.

In a family with seven children, Jordan shared a special bond with little brother, Kati.

“If anybody tried to take his baby, he cried and he was so sad,” said Falena Kalapa.

Jordan was visiting family at the Holiday Inn Express, 3036 S. Decker Lake Drive, Saturday when he drowned in the pool. Investigators are calling it an unfortunate tragedy.

His father, Timote Kalapa, longing to hold his son again, shared a dream he had about Jordan.

“He said, ‘dad, it’s OK. Tell mom, it’s OK,” Timote Kalapa recalled.

The family faced another tragedy in July. Falena’s sister, Ofa Kinikini was killed when a train crashed into her car, but her baby survived. Another aunt adopted the baby, who was named after her mother, Ofa, which means "love" in Tongan.

The Kalapa’s lean on their LDS faith.

“We have our faith in the Lord up above. Because of that, we’re more comforted,” Timote Kalapa said.

They believe they will see their loved ones again and that Jordan’s Aunty O is keeping him company in heaven.

“She was watching over Jordan before he even passed and that is so comforting to me like thank you sis and I will do my best with your child just like you are with mine,” said Falena Kalapa.

The family is planning funeral services for Jordan for this weekend.

The Kalapa family has set up an account at America First Credit Union to help with funeral expenses for Jordan Kalapa. It is under the name: Timote Kalapa.