Dash cam video shows high-speed chase in Midvale, good Samaritan’s takedown of suspect

Posted at 6:25 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 20:25:43-04

MIDVALE – Dash cam video from Utah Highway Patrol shows a high-speed chase that came to a crashing conclusion over the weekend. It also shows how several witnesses led authorities to the suspect and eventually the good Samaritan who stepped in to help take down the suspect.

UHP says Craig Day was driving an SUV at speeds of 100 mph on Saturday evening. Troopers caught up with him on I-15 near 5300 South but then things turned dangerous as he exited 7200 South.

Dash cam video shows a white Chevrolet Blazer swerving into the car pool lane on I-15. The driver, later identified as Day, is seen riding the shoulder for a bit before crossing several lanes to get off the southbound ramp of 7200 South. That’s when UHP decided to end the chase so other motorists on the road weren't injured.

The trooper can be heard communicating with dispatch on dash cam.

UHP Trooper: “The vehicle is headed eastbound 7200 south and he probably blew a light at a high rate of speed.”

The trooper is told the SUV ran a red light and t-boned a minivan, carrying four children, so he makes his way to the off ramp.

UHP Trooper: “Where's the driver?”

Witnesses told troopers the suspect took off running.

Witness: “He took off at that McDonald’s right there.”

UHP drove to the near by McDonald's. Trooper: “Did my guy run in here?”

Witness: “No, I think he ran into the back of the building.”

No suspect was found so the trooper gets back into his cruiser as people on the street point him to the Denny’s parking lot.

As he came around the corner, the trooper spotted a man pinning down the suspect.

UHP Trooper: “What happened? Roll over on your stomach. What happened?”

Thanks to good Samaritan, Thomas Fortune, and an off-duty Utah County Sheriff’s deputy and troopers were able to arrest Day on nine charges including, DUI, drug possession and reckless driving.

“We were able to apprehend this guy quickly,” said Sgt. Todd Royce, spokesman with UHP.

UHP also credits the number of eye witnesses who led them to the right spot.

“As you can see the trooper going up the roadway, you can see people just pointing, 'he's that way, he's that way, he's that way.' Just guided the trooper to where he was at, which is very helpful,” Royce said.

Two children were sent to the hospital with serious injuries, but are expected to be OK.

“It gets a little bit frustrating for troopers out there on the road to see innocent victims of someone's bad decisions,” Royce said.

Fortune is grateful his football experience came in handy that night. He played football at the University of Utah from 1997-2001.