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Three small wins that can turn your relationship around

Posted at 1:01 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 15:01:30-04

Licensed Marriage and Family therapist Laura Heck shares three small tips for your relationship.

Research shows that it isn`t the big grand gestures that transform relationships. Small wins often can drastically transform the trajectory of your relationship for better. Below are the top 3 small wins that you can do TODAY that will get you moving toward the relationship you desire and deserve. Pick one to focus on today..then add another one in tomorrow...until eventually these WINS are a party of your daily routine.

#1 What Can I Do For You?
Each morning before you leave your partner, ask them this one question: 'What one thing can I do today to make your day better?' Hearing your partner`s needs and following through with a request builds trust in the relationship AND puts deposits in your emotional bank account.

#2 Mystery Date
Take turns planning and executing a mystery date for your partner. Once a month, go BIG. Plan a special date for your partner and keep the details a secret. Make sure your date has thrilling and exciting elements that are guaranteed to blow your partner`s socks off. Remember, this date is intended to be FOR your partner, so be sure to plan something you know they will enjoy. Switch roles next month and let your partner sweep you off your feet.

#3 Just Say 'Yes!'
Be on the lookout for opportunities to say 'Yes!' to your partner. Do you mind folding the laundry while you watch the football game? Can we get a babysitter and go see the latest Star Wars movie this weekend? Can you rub my feet? Can you leave work early tomorrow to pick the kids up from school? Listen for your partner`s requests and make.

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