Carbon County residents brace for flooding as strong storm hits area

Posted at 5:35 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 12:18:57-04

CARBON COUNTY, Utah -- Flooding marks the first day of fall in Carbon County, as the area saw 1.25 inches overnight and more is expected.

It’s deja vu for people in Wellington, according to Mayor Joan Powell.

“Two years ago on this very weekend this place flooded and it was in the middle of the night,” Powell said.

Jamie Maus and her family had just moved in a few months before.

“It flooded over my head in the basement, Maus said of the previous flooding. "We evacuated and went to a hotel."

This time around, they’re ready.

“This time we kind of got a little warning," Powell said. "We got a little head’s up. Let’s prepare. That’s what were doing right now. We’re preparing for the worst."

Family and friends spent the day loading up on sandbags and clearing out basements. Rodger Branch has been storing less in his basement ever since the last storm.

“A couple years ago we lost everything in our basement," Branch said. "We lost all our food storage, pianos, personal items, books, stuff like that."

Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood, his deputies, and the Emergency Management Team are monitoring the storm throughout the day.

“More than anything, we're just monitoring the drainages and if it becomes a risk to life and limb we're letting people know to get out of harm’s way,” Wood said.

Meanwhile, neighbors are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.

“It’s really scary," Maus said. "We’re really nervous, and I hope it doesn’t get into the basement. I hope it doesn’t get that high."

If your home or business sustained damage in the flood, Carbon County Emergency Services wants you to hear from you. Follow the link on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page to file a report.