Storm cleanup begins for Layton residents

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 19:37:15-04

LAYTON, Utah – People in Layton are cleaning up after Thursday’s massive storm that damaged several homes and businesses.

Straight line winds hit Layton about the same time as a tornado touched down in Washington Terrace Thursday afternoon. The storm caused major damage to Debbie Sodenkamp’s home.

“Took out a tree, carport and our backyard tree," Sodenkamp said.

The storm impacted folks mostly living on the west side of Layton and knocked out power to thousands of homes in Davis and Weber counties. Rocky Mountain Power crews worked quickly to put power poles back up along 2200 West. They’ve brought in additional crews from Idaho and Wyoming to restore power.

“We have had an amazing amount of damage, lines down, poles down, debris that has blown into the power lines, trees that have torn down power lines, all of that has to be fixed,” said Margaret Oler, spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power.

At Swan Lakes Golf Course, dozens of trees toppled over during the storm and broke water lines. The privately owned business says it will take some time and a lot of money until they can re-open.

“Like I told our superintendent, look for the bright side, at least they'll be less leaves to pick up,” said Sheryl Starkey, Vice-President at Swan Lakes Golf Course.

City leaders are trying to pick up the pieces as well. Several of their parks sustained major damage.

“We've been really fortunate as this storm came through that really no one was injured seriously,” said Bob Stevenson, Layton City Mayor.

Once power is restored, they’ll have a better estimate of the total costs.

“The sun will come out, and I think that we need to just weather this here for another day or so and we can get to the clean-up part, and we'll get everything back together and get ready for the winter,” Stevenson said.

People living in Layton, Clearfield and Syracuse can take their green waste to the landfill, and city leaders will pick up the tab. All you need to do is show your driver`s license to prove where you live.